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OUR SERVICES / Accounting Services:
a. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  • Keeping the legally required Turkish books (journal ledger, general ledger, inventory ledger) under Turkish Uniform Chart of Accounts and Tax Regulations,
  • Controlling accounting records,
  • Recording fixed assets in accordance with the legislation, taking inventory, reporting, and depreciation calculations,
  • Establishing and developing accounting systems,
  • Preparing and carrying out monthly BA-BS reconciliations,
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly, and year-end closures,
  • Preparing financial tables (balance sheet, income statement, etc.) according to legal legislation and Uniform Chart of Accounts
  • Printing out legal books, having notary opening and closing approvals done,
  • Consultancy services on accounting applications.

    b. Payroll Services

  • Preparing and controlling personnel payroll,
  • Identifying the payroll related payments.
  • Calculating severance and notice pay liability,
  • Submitting legal notifications about employees who were new recruits, resignations and terminations,
  • Preparing Social Security Institution Declarations and taking accruals,
  • Preparing monthly payroll summaries and reports,
  • Preparing monthly payroll expenses, accounting records in accordance with cost centers defined by the company,
  • Carrying out Social Security Institution and İşkur opening transactions, and obtaining registration numbers for headquarter, warehouse, factory, and branches,
  • Submitting İş-Kur declarations,
  • Consultancy services on SGK and legal legislation.

    c. Outsourcing (Management Support) Services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services,
  • Payroll services,
  • Statement preparation and submission services,
  • Reporting services,
  • Providing temporary employees,
  • Providing support in presenting the data requested by auditors in the audit process.

    d. Statement Preparation and Submission Services

  • Preparing all tax statements in accordance with legal legislation,
  • Making electronic notifications of statements,
  • Preparing other reports (BA-BS, Post-Closing Trial Balance, etc.) and making electronic notifications,
  • Controlling statements and notifications.